Water & Sewer Projects

78" Aqueduct from San Bernardino to Mentone, CA

Fifteen miles of 78" diameter steel aqueduct from Devils Canyon in San Bernardino to Mill Creek in Mentone. For San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District and as a subcontractor for Bechtel Engineering, Ludwig developed the original pipe routing, performed surveying and mapping, prepared the plan blanks, prepared the right of way documents and deeds, and performed the construction staking.

C.S.A. 70 Zones J, L & W-1, Oak Hills, Phelan and Landers, CA

Created three large rural water systems: Zone J (Oak Hills area), Zone L (Phelan area), and W-1 (Landers area)for the County of San Bernardino Special Districts Department. Work included feasibility study; financial planning; assessment engineering; developing water sources; design of wells, pipe lines, reservoirs, pumping stations; telemetering; right of way engineering and acquisition; specifications and bidding; preliminary surveying and mapping; construction staking and construction inspection. Included were 316 miles of pipeline, 24 pumping stations, 29 reservoirs and 7 deep wells. All projects were constructed on time and below original feasibility estimate and there was less than 5% protest at all of the assessment hearings.

Eagle Ranch Outfall Sewer, Victorville, CA

Design, prepare right of way documents, obtain right of way, set construction stakes for 10,000 feet of 8 to 18 inch sewer from Luna and Amethyst to Seneca and Pacoima intersections in Victorville for Ira Norris, Victorville Homes. Ludwig Engineering spread the cost of the sewer to the intervening property owners based on the flow generated per parcel and length of travel of the effluent. Our client, Ira Norris, obtained enough contributions from benefitted property owners to construct the sewer without condemnation or an assessment district.

Northwest Interceptor Sewer, San Bernardino, CA

For the City of San Bernardino prepared plans, specifications and estimates for providing vertical and horizontal control surveys, mapping, and preparation of plans for a 36-inch diameter sewer extending southerly from 5th Street across the BNSF Intermodal yard to the terminus of the southbound I-215 Third Street off ramp at "I" Street and continuing southerly under the East Branch Lytle Creek Channel to Mill Street. Also provided construction staking.

San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, Highland, CA

Water system and sewer system for San Manuel Band of Mission Indians. Designed and staked water transmission system across steep foothill terrain anddesigned roads, reservoirs, pump stations and pressure reducing systems. Also performed mapping and set construction stakes.

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