Drainage, Storm Drain, Aqueduct Projects

Ludwig Engineering Associates, Inc. performs complete hydrology analysis and prepares and processes hydrology studies using CivilD Hydrology/Hydraulics, HEC-RAS and ArcHydro programs and has designed and staked drainage facilities including catch basins, channels and storm drains for more than 500 subdivisions and master planned developments and for many City and County public works projects throughout San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

Drainage Study to Replace Master Planned Channel E-01, Victorville, CA

Drainage Study for Victorville Storm Drain for Pipeline to Replace Master Planned Channel E-01. Derived a plan for flow-by channel concept along with a modified retention basin to reduce the design flow and designed a cast-in-place pipeline outlet to replace a master planned channel design. Our proposed solution will cost $5 million; a concrete bottom channel would cost $14 million and an alternative dirt bottom channel would cost $24 million. Our solution was approved by the City of Victorville. Our client was a group of property owners who wanted a solution that would not fragment their property like a channel would. A storm drain constructed in City streets solved their problem plus reduced the cost tremendously.

Elder Creek Retention Basin at East Highlands Ranch, Highland, CA

A 400,000 cubic foot retention basin that was created by a 55-foot high roadway fill (Van Leuven Street) over Elder Creek Gulch at East Highlands Ranch for Spring Pacific Properties. The basin was designed with a restricted roadway culvert outlet that attenuated the flow and provided debris protection for East Highland Ranch. The roadway culvert was designed with creative drainage safety features that were approved by S.B.C.F.C. and the State Bureau of Dams.

FEMA Letter of Map Revision, Tract 16643, San Bernardino, CA

Performed and prepared hydrology studies, exhibits, calculations and formal submittal to FEMA for the Revision of FEMA FIRM Panel 7930 of 9400, Map Number 06071C7930 F per the Conditions of Approval for Tract 16443. Work included the complete evaluation of the Mesham Canyon Basin watershed area, debris generation, overland and pipe hydrology/ hydraulic calculations, regional confluence impacts, WSPG calculations to outlet into Cable Creek, and SBCFCD permit and plan review for Cable Creek impacts and invert modifications to Cable Creek. Except for a couple of concrete outlet structures, 90% of the interior drainages system used ADS plastic pipe at a tremendous cost savings to the client. This project was the first plastic pipe system of that magnitude in the City of San Bernardino. Work was performed for GRF Enterprises.

Little Chino Creek, Chino Hills, CA

Preparation of hydrology studies and plans and specifications for 4,000 L.F. of 26' x 10' rectangular concrete channel; 2,600 L.F. of 14' x 10' reinforced concrete closed box channel; and 1,300 L.F. of trapezoidal channel for the County of San Bernardino Trasportation and Flood Control Department. The project included relocation of existing utilities and confluence structures.

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